October 8th, 2005



Oh thank JESUS for this little community! Maybe we can discuss this little post on Kristin for E!'s message board:

" http://www.thehansofoundation.org cool. And also ... WHAT THE??? Anyone else as confused as me about last night's episode of LOST?

All I know is the next episode is Hurley-centric and very soon (sooner than you think), someone we know and love will bite the dust ... And it ain't the dog.

Also, have to share ... just heard that Julie Bowen is such a DIEHARD fan that she refused to look at any script pages that gave anything away, and also refused to go anywhere near The Hatch, even though it was right there next to her while filming. LOVE HER."

Source & Actual Posting

Now, we know Kristin likes to hide meanings in her posts, so is Julie the one that she has been eluding to being the girl to die?? I don't remember all of the other clues about who it was, but this MAY be a hint to it being her...

Since she is such a fan, she didn't want her character to die (I remember her saying that the girl who dies was none to happy about it).

This is probably all wishful thinking, but she does have the tendency to lead people on here and there...Thoughts?