October 10th, 2005


LOVE this shit!

Oh HELLLLL yes! Arrested Development: Season Two out on DVD tomorrow!!!

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I already PRE-ORDERED mine, and got one for my momma for Christmas too (shuddup, I shop early).

Don't forget to watch it tonight @ 8pm on Fox!

ps: Keep the banners going! The more to choose from the better. Much love to all those that have submitted so far! Oh, and _mathlete, be careful what you wish for :)

Line it Up

Let's do it up for 10/10/05: PST & EST

King of Queens @ 8pm
How I Met Your Mother @ 8:30pm
Two and a Half Men @ 9pm
Out of Practice @ 9:30pm
CSI: Miami @ 10pm

Wife Swap @ 8pm
Football @ 9pm

Surface @ 8pm
Las Vegas @ 9pm
Medium @ 10pm

7th Heaven @ 8pm
Related @ 9pm

One on One @ 8pm
All of Us @ 8:30pm
Girlfriends @ 9pm
Half and Half @ 9:30pm

Sports (waaah no AD or Prison Break)

Laguna Beach @ 10pm
My Super Sweet 16 @ 10:30pm

What'd I miss, Ladies & Gents?
I am so white.

Let the voting begin!

We've gotten a shitload of feedback about the banner "contest," and just six submissions - the mods are impatient (okay... mainly me), so we decided to put them up for VOTING right now! If you're really interested in making a banner we'll happily do another "round," so don't fret... yet!
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Remember, everyone's a winner.
Except for the losers.
The voting will end tomorrow (10/11) at 8pm - that gives you just over 24 hours!

EDIT AT 7:19AM (EST.), 10/11
Here are the 12-hour standings. Tonight at around 8pm I'll post the final results in a new post :)
1 - 0
2 - 1
3 - 89 (shit, girl!)
4 - 3
5 - 40
6 - 24