October 13th, 2005

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ok random 3 question you should discuss while im at work so when i get home i have something to read and think about

1-For anyone who watches Nip/Tuck....who do you think the carver is? i know there was a little talk of it a few post ago but i just watched tues's episode and im way excited a little late.

2- For anyone who watches One Tree Hill...who do you think set the fire? Do you really think it was Lucus?

3- Am i the only one who would LOVE a TomKat reality show? Is that sick?


Alrighty Then!

Shows for 10/13/05 PST & EST

Survivor @ 8pm
CSI @ 9pm
Without a Trace @ 10pm

Alias @ 8pm
Night Stalker @ 9pm

Joey @ 8pm
Will & Grace @ 8:30pm
Apprentice @ 9pm
ER @ 10pm

Everybody Hates Chris @ 8pm
Love, Inc @ 8:30pm
Eve @ 9pm
Cuts @ 9:30pm

Smallville @ 8pm
Everwood @ 9pm

Making the Band 3 @ 10pm
Run's House @ 10:30pm (premiere)

Got anything to add? Enjoy the boob tonight!

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Offical Making the Band 3 Thread. (Doesn't start for an hour but I just wanted to remind everyone)

I wish this show was an hour long instead of a half an hour. It would be sooooooo much better :)


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i just got home from work and i happen to put on ghost whisperer cause i never saw it before.

the guy is that crazy red haired doc from nip/tuck.

so tell me about what ive been missing


Tonight's episode -

Shooting Stars: When one cult member turns up missing at a mass suicide crime scene, the team investigates whether the small cult really committed suicide or were murdered.


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I think this is ok for this new community right? Sorry if it's not... I'm still trying to get a feel for it...

BUT... has anyone heard more about Natasha Lyonne since she went into the hospital? Last I heard she was fighting for her life and I'm wondering what is going on with her now... still sick? anyone?
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Tonight's episode: "Put On A Happy Face"

As if adjusting to college life and the news that her secret crush, Reid (guest star Justin Baldoni), is gay weren’t enough to handle, Amy learns that Ephram is going to be a regular fixture in her life now that he’s moved in with Bright and Reid. Meanwhile, Andy, Nina and Jake attempt to move on with life after Nina decides which man she loves---which is Jake. Bright and Ephram take Hannah to a college party. Andy gets involved in a case dealing with 17-year old Ethan Harcourt who is on anti-dpressants since his older brother's car accident and death, but now wants to be intimate with his current girlfriend. Although, the anti-depressants he is taking is causing erectial dysfunction for him and tries to coerce Andy in letting him have viagra. Ethan wants to keep all of this a secret from his girlfriend and family who don't know about his situation. Andy wavers that he's too young but Ethan doesn't listen and purchases medication online that inevitably ends him up in the hospital after using.