October 15th, 2005


Hope this post fits the community

I was just bored and thinking and with the recent series reorders and cancellations what TV show (from anytime) would you guys ressurect?

My pick would be Moon over Miami
<img src="http://www.zamigo.net/~violet/momcast.jpg> Summary : Walter (The Rocketeer's Bill Campbell) is the young hunk, the quirky and rather glib owner of a small private investigation agency in the trendy South Beach area with a tendency to wordiness and spouting poetry, trying to come off as world weary. Gwen (Ally Walker, pre-Profiler) is an impulsive, heart-on-her-sleeve type, straight from Kansas City. Alone, suddenly in need of a job, white knight Walter offers her a gig as a secretary in the firm. Suffice it to say that professional and romantic sparks flew. Oh and Third Watch.
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enid fucking coleslaw

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So, did anyone see Nip/Tuck last night? Normally it's on CTV (Canada) at 9PM on Fridays ... but it wasn't on AT ALL last night :( That last one I saw was when Matt had to get surgery to fix his mangled face.

Nothing much to report

The TV doesn't share with us too much on Saturdays, so I don't think I'm going to report all of the boring going ons that are mostly comprised of reruns. BUT don't forget that tonight is
Saturday Night Live: The best of David Spade @ 11:30pm on NBC.

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I hope they show some GAP girls tonight!

Is there anything else on that you want me to add?

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Alright, since there's no SNL? I'm really not sure, but ok.

What's your favorite commercial?

Personally, mine is for MTV. It's got a boy who wakes up and his hand is all hairy (if you don't know why, ask your parents, okay?) and it takes you through his day. Then it says "Not Everything You Hear is True: MTv" or something. Yeah, it's funny.
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