October 21st, 2005


Everwood! Discuss!

K. I am an avid fan of Everwood. I`ll love the show till the end but they are losing me this season! It is soooo boring. I love Hannah and Bright together. They make the cutest couple. If it was`nt for them I would tune out.

I want to see them amp it up a bit with this show. How about bringing back Madison? That`s always a shaker. Ephram should go look for his baby and fight for custody or something.

I don`t know. What do you guys think? Is this season boring or is it just getting started?
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battlestar galactica season 2.0

first time poster here.

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'season 2.0' of the hit sci-fi series battlestar galactica is set to be released on december 20th.

this is essentially a set of the first half of the second season of the critcally-acclaimed series. the series took a hiatus until janurary, and the season will conclude in march. this is going to be out in the meantime.

this set will include a '90-minute' (60 minute actual) version of the mid-season cliff-hanger episode "Pegasus". so with that, there's at least some incentive to buy this set rather than wait for a possible full season set next year that may or may never come.

personally, i think this is just universal looking to get more money or perhaps more viewers before the series starts back up in janurary.

i'll wait until there is a full season two set out, most likely this summer, before i buy each half of the series independently.

what do you all think of this?

and just because i can, feel free to start any other BSG discussion here.


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Ok I was under the impression that Blink-182 had broken up... but I just heard a new some from them on my satellite radio!? And it clearly said Blink-182... not one of the other 93208598 bands they formed... I had just gotten in the car and they were saying something about a new album I thinl? anyone know the scoop? Personally I love them... so I would be very happy if they were together again! :D

Don't foget your Friday underpants!

Showing you up on 10/21/05 PST & EST

Ghost Whisperer @ 8pm
Threshold @ 9pm
Numb3rs @ 10pm

Supernanny @ 8pm
Hope & Faith @ 9pm
Hot Properties @ 9:30pm
20/20 @ 10pm

Dateline @ 8pm
Three Wishes @ 9pm
Law & Order: Criminal Intent @10pm

The N:
Degrassi @ 8pm

What I Like About You @ 8pm
Twins @ 8:30pm
Reba @ 9pm
Living With Fran @ 9:30pm

The Bernie Mac Show @ 8pm
Malcolm in the Middle @ 8:30pm
Killer Instinct @ 9pm

What Not to Wear @ 9pm

Madonna's Gotta Secret for YOU (in her pants) Documentary @ 10pm

Anything to add?

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okay someone please tell me they watched NEXT where the two gay guys got NEXT'd right in a row and they kept calling the guy bob saget...okay anyways..its hilarious. DISCUSS

EDIT: p.s. that fire crotch called the main dater guy a "talking yeast infection", did anyone catch that? haha.
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