November 8th, 2005

enid fucking coleslaw

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I'm not a big fan of Coldplay. At all. It seems to me that Chris Martin is deeply in love with himself, and couldn't care less about what happened to his bandmates. Have any of you ever noticed their videos? It's either Martin walking around, or them performing. Or, if we're lucky enough ... both! Never anything else.

Tuesday is fart day

11/8/05 PST & EST


NCIS @ 8pm
Amazing Race @ 9pm

According to Jim @ 8pm
Rodney @ 8:30pm
Commander in Chief @ 9pm
Boston Legal @ 10pm

The Biggest Loser @ 8pm
My Name is Earl @ 9:pm
The Office @ 9:30pm
Law & Order: SVU @ 10pm

Gilmore Girls @ 8pm
Supernatural @ 9pm

ANTM @ 8pm (repeat)

Bones @ 8pm
House @ 9pm

Late Night (all channels):
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Nip/Tuck @ 10pm

Real World @ 10pm



Nip/Tuck anyone? This season seems to be going really slow. They need to pick up the pace with less of this emotional crap. More Carver please. Anyways.....DISCUSS!

new L&O: SVU tonight!

will there be Benson/Stabler partnership action going on tonight? it worked magically last week. let's hope tonight's carries on last week's tradition of greatness for S7.

"Name" (2005-11-08)
THE DISCOVERY OF A BOY'S REMAINS 30 YEARS AFTER HE'S DISAPPEARED SETS OFF A SEARCH FOR FIVE BOYS WHO WENT MISSING, AND WERE NEVER FOUND-- When construction workers pour the sand into a newly made playground and discover the remains of a young boy, Detective Stabler (Chris Meloni) teams up with CSU tech Millie Vizcarrondo (guest-star Paula Garces) to investigate,which leads them to resurrect a cold case where four boys disappeared 30 years earlier. As the investigation unfolds, new forensic evidence surfaces but no progress can be made solving this case until Anna (guest-star Lisa Emery) surfaces, claiming her stepfather Robert Sawyer (guest-star Richard Bright) was the killer. Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, Diane Neal, Dann Florek, Ice-T, Tamara Tunie and B.D. Wong also star.