November 11th, 2005

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Nielson Box?

Since everyone is confused about Arrested Development being canceled, its made me start wondering about the ratings system. Heres one interesting thing I found from here:
The way that Nielsen Media Research finds out about who is watching is to measure what a sample of television viewers are watching. For our national ratings estimates, we use a sample of more than 5,000 households, containing over 13,000 people who have agreed to participate.

They say that there are some 99 million households, so thats one household rated per 20,000 approximately.

What I'm curious about is do you know anyone with the nielson box? Does this rating system seem fair?


I was just watching "The Soup" (clip show on E!) and they showed a clip from the MTV show Next, and it was of a girl and guy on a date and the girl turned and looked at the guy and said "I am really relived to be on this date, literally" and she was pissing her pants!
The guy called her a freak and everyone in the resturant looked shocked.

Did anyone else catch that episode...what the heck!