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GOF! [14 Nov 2005|12:11am]
I tried to post this in ONTD, but it got rejected and referred here....


Tonight I was lucky enough to see HP & the Goblet of Fire... below the cut are my thoughts.

Spoilers etc.Collapse )
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Monday Monday Monday [14 Nov 2005|04:51pm]
11/14/05 PST & EST

King of Queens @ 8pm
How I Met Your Mother @ 8:30pm
Two and a Half Men @ 9pm
Out of Practice @ 9:30pm
CSI: Miami @ 10pm

Wife Swap @ 8pm
Football @ 9pm

Surface @ 8pm
Las Vegas @ 9pm
Medium @ 10pm

7th Heaven @ 8pm
Related @ 9pm

One on One @ 8pm
All of Us @ 8:30pm
Girlfriends @ 9pm
Half and Half @ 9:30pm

Prison Break @ 8pm (because FOX hates AD)
Prison Break @ 9pm

LATE NIGHT (all channels):
Head over to Interbridge

Degrassi: TNG @ 9:30pm

Dead Like Me @ 10pm

Laguna Beach @ 10pm
MTV's Miss Seventeen @ 10:30

Additions for this lovely TV night?

ps: Not that it will change anything, but if you are an AD fan you may wanna hop over to HERE and vote real quick on today's poll about the missing AD this month. Who knows if it will do anything, but I'll do what I can to save this wonderously fabuloso show of mine...
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I hope this has not been posted yet... [14 Nov 2005|06:45pm]
[ mood | okay ]

The Oprah show today...


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Infanity: Arrested Development [14 Nov 2005|07:31pm]
On the TV Guide Channel tonight at 9pm Eastern, they are showing something called Infanity, and tonight it is based on Arrested Development. So, for all of you going through withdrawls, hopefully this will raise spirits after the dreadful week we've been having.

And remember... there's always money in the Banana Stand.

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[14 Nov 2005|08:02pm]
Wife Swap!

Uh oh, Hunter vs. Animal Activist!
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Prison Break! [14 Nov 2005|08:57pm]
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[14 Nov 2005|09:44pm]
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[14 Nov 2005|09:48pm]

laguna beach finale

an episode where lc beats the living shit out of kristen and jessica at the same time would be so awesome
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