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boston legal [16 Nov 2005|03:06am]
Was it good?
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any UKers? [16 Nov 2005|01:12pm]
who is watching Take That?!!

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Keep it poppin' on Wednesday [16 Nov 2005|04:57pm]
Shows for 11/16/05 PST & EST

I Walk the Line: A night for Johnny Cash @ 8pm
Criminal Minds @ 9pm
CSI: NY @ 10pm

George Lopez @ 8pm
Freddie @ 8:30pm
LOST @ 9pm
Invasion @ 10pm

E-Ring @ 8pm
The Apprentice: Martha Style @ 9pm
Law & Order @ 10pm

That 70's Show @ 8pm
Stacked @ 8:30pm (premiere)
Trading Spouses @ 9pm

One Tree Hill @ 8pm
Related @ 9pm

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm
Veronica Mars @ 9pm

Late Night (all channels):

Over There @ 10pm

Made @ 10pm

Comedy Central
South Park @ 10pm
Drawn Together @ 10:30pm

Additions por favor.
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Frappr! [16 Nov 2005|06:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Took it upon myself to make this:


its a map where you can add yourself and see where everyone is from...

i think its fun. ---hugs all--- lol

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[16 Nov 2005|07:23pm]
tonight looks good

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Grey's Anatomy [16 Nov 2005|08:20pm]
I know it's not Sunday night:) Just figured you all would know (the fans of the show of course) if there were any sites out there that streamline any of the first season episodes. I adore this show, but missed the first season. Same shit happened with The O.C. I just bought the dvd's though. I just want to understand the relationships more I guess. Should I feel sorry for Meredith?? Does George like Meredith? I had no idea this show was on last season which surprises me because I've liked Patrick Dempsey since "Can't Buy Me Love". Thanks guys:)
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Tonight, it's the 'tailies.' [16 Nov 2005|08:38pm]

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MA-AAAADE [16 Nov 2005|08:42pm]
Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic.


Put on your lollerskates
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[16 Nov 2005|08:46pm]

Veronica Mars!. You know what to do.
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Trading spouses!!!!!!!!!!!! lets do this!!!! [16 Nov 2005|08:51pm]
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southpark [16 Nov 2005|09:05pm]
all new!.... and its about SCIENTOLOGY!

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[16 Nov 2005|09:11pm]
Where's our post for ANTM???

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ONTD'S favourite members [16 Nov 2005|11:20pm]
Since this hasn't been done in a while, and we've had so many new members since the last one, isn't it about time for another?

Who's your favourite (and more importantly least favourite) member of ONTD? Who brings the luls, who makes you want to break your computer because of the stupidity, who makes you get into useless e-fights that last until everybody is looking pretty ridiculous?

Basically, bring on the ONTD popularity contest.
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