November 17th, 2005


Surf's up on Thursday

Shows for 11/17/05 PST & EST


Survivor @ 8pm
CSI @ 9pm
Without a Trace @ 10pm

ALIAS @ 8pm
Primetime @ 9pm

Joey @ 8pm
Will & Grace @ 8:30pm
The Apprentice @ 9pm
ER @ 10pm

Smallville @ 8pm
Everwood @ 9pm

Everybody Hates Chris @ 8pm
Love, Inc @ 8:30pm
Eve @ 9pm
Cuts @ 9:30pm

The OC @ 8pm
Reunion @ 9pm

Late Night Shows:
Check out Interbridge

Making the band 3 @ 10pm
Run's House @ 10:30pm

The L Word @ 10pm

Whatcha wanna add?
drake camera

Harry Potter 4

Mugglenet has been counting down and there's only an hour left until Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Anyone as excited as I am? Happy pretty soon the madness will be over after this? Any fan stories?



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I am so white.

ONTD was shitting bricks for a while.

Well that was fun!!

Everyone who was banned from ontd_discussion should now have full access to the community - it took a while, as the fucker banned at least 100 people, but everything's in order now.

Let me know in this post if you have any concerns, if I forgot to unban you, etc.

EDIT If you've been banned from ONTD, please take it up with the mods there - email them at and explain to them that you've been wrongfully banned. There's a shitload of people that they're trying to sort through, so be patient!!