December 3rd, 2005



Anyone see TransAmerica? I'm going to see it now.

*Edit* I saw it, and the review is in my journal.
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Since there's a Making The Band 3 marathon on MTV right now, and Thursday is the finale, who wants to wager bets as to who will, in fact, make the band. Um, you won't win anything except for fame on the Internet, but hey, it's something.

My mom and I have our own bet going, but she's not a Livejournaler...yet.


01. Aubrey (She should just be excluded now. It's obvious she's the star even though some are better singers and dancers than her. She's just cute and Diddy wants to make love to her.)

02. Shannon (even though he says she and Aubrey and exact mirrors of each other. He's been obsessed with her "white girl ass" since day one and I think he will use both.)

03. Dominique (Girl can sing. But Puffy seems shallow enough to cut her based on the fact that she is short and a little thicker than the other broads. I have faith in her though.)

04. Dinosh (Ego and all)

05. Taquita Love (I think she will step it up. And she's the only funny one worthy enough for the "confessional" scenes)

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Most Hated Bands

I was just thinking about this - what is the band that you hate the MOST in the world? And don't just say the name. Give a reason.

For me, it's Green Day. In my opinion, they are really overrated. Plus, it doesn't help that the radio overplays their songs and that tons of 11 year olds are always going on about them. Actually, I think their fans that are in elementary and middle school are half of why I don't like them. I know that's kind of unfair, but that's just the way I think.

Saturday has DANE COOK!

12/3/05 PST & EST


Academy of Country Music 40th Anniversary Celebration @ 8pm

College Football

Crossing Jordan @ 8pm
Medium @ 9pm
Law & Order: SVU 10pm
SNL: Dane Cook & James Blunt @ 11:30pm

On Deadly Ground (movie)
Veronica Mars @ 10pm

ANTM Cycle 5 Marathon @ 8pm

Nip/Tuck @ 9pm

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! (ps: sorry for the no TV post on good ole Friday, it was a busy bee day in Hell world)


Heyyy everyone. That hated-band thread was fun times. It feels good to get all your hatred out there, doesn't it?

So I have another little discussion idea.

We all love slang. We use it in real life. We use it on teh internetz. SO what are your most hated? The ones you CAN'T stop using?

I'm stuck on:
WTF and OMG (I admit, I'm one of those losers that says them in actual speech)
saying "that was fun times" (I did it in this entry, gah)
saying "this is so intense"
owned + pwn3d (what is the real life pronunciation for this one?)
saying "that was pretty much..." or "honestly, that was..."

I hate:
LOL and ha ha (pretty much the most awkard phrases...I mean come on, when you don't know what to say on IM, you say lol.)
wicked (but I CAN'T STOP SAYING IT).