December 11th, 2005

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Which year(s)'s music do you love, and why?

I personally love music from the years 1997-2000, because it was so great! I especially love the Britney vs. Christina and BSB vs. 'N Sync era.
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Sunday can make that hangover better.

TV for 12/11/05 PST & EST


Survivor @ 8pm (finale)
Survivor Reunion @ 10pm

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition @ 8pm
Grey's Anatomy @ 10pm

The West Wing @ 8pm
Law & Order: Criminal Intent @ 9pm R
Crossing Jordan @ 10pm

7th Annual Family Friendly Awards @ 8pm (what the crap?)
Supernatural @ 9pm R

CSI @ 8pm R
CSI @ 9pm R

Simpsons @ 8pm
War at Home @ 8:30
Family Guy @ 9pm R
American Dad @ 9:30pm R

Snow Day @ 8pm (movie)

Punk'd @ 10pm
Homewrecker @ 10:30pm

The Girls next Door @ 10pm R

The Sopranos @ 9:30pm R
Extras @ 10:30pm R

I think that the Girls Next Door is a repeat, as well as Sopranos and Extras, but I am not 100% sure...

No Desperate Housewives tonight, Extreme Makeover is a 2 hour show tonight instead.

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In the spirit of the newest Backstreet Boy song, which band/singer of yesteryear do you wish would make a comeback (lets pretend that people are still alive shall we?)? They don't need to necessarily have to have broken up as much as just disppeared. And which do you wish would just go away?

I, for one, think Cher needs to not have anymore goodbye tours. And Madonna needs to stop before she ruins whatever credibility she had.
And I must admit that I miss Goo Goo Dolls and Bush a lot. And if Britney Spears insists on still singing I wish she would go back to her original sound.
.the game is on!.

Don't Get Your Hopes Up.

So, now that there are quite a few book-to-movie adaptations in theaters/being made, my question to you is this. Are there any books/musicals that you want to see made into movies? NO REMAKES.

My only big dream is for Summers at Castle Auburn to become a major motion picture. It's a fantastic book, and I think, given a good director, and capable actors, this could make a wonderful film.


Your Turn.

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I'm sure there are many 15 and 16 year old ONTD-ers that desperately want to see Brokeback Mountain (like myslef). So we underage people need a way to get into the movie, right?

So clever people, what is the best way to get into an R-rated movie, most notably in a non-crowded theater? Have your 17 year old friend buy the tickets while you buy food? Duck into the bathroom first? What are your crazy R-rated sneaking-in stories?

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What bothers you the most in movies or television shows?

For me it's when people are on the phone and they just hang up without saying goodbye. What is that?! No one just hangs up on a person in real life, why can't they spend the second it takes to say it before they hang up?
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So, you guys know all these RadioShack commercials where people sit in a red chair and say what they want and explain what it is? There is one with a black girl and her boyfriend with a ginormous afro and she wants a Sprint PCS phone I believe. Anyways, is this girl Yaya from ANTM (the season that Eva won, even though Yaya should've won)? It looks and sounds exactly like her.

Where else have you seen ANTM girls in commercials?