December 13th, 2005

Can I have it like that?

I'm sure some of you have seen the Yahoo! Music Unlimited commercial w/ Pharrell singing, "Can I have it like that?" on his yacht, when a big ass orange squid comes up and temporarily sabotages his concert. If you haven't, I'm surprised you're here. It's my new most favorite thing ever. So, ONTDDers, have any of you found it (the commercial) on teh internets? I've looked, with no success. So, please. Help me. All I need is a hero.
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Which movie do you think is completely overrated? If you could only choose one...

Inspired by looking at people's layouts.

OH, and can i join the santa hat icon club, or is it exclusive or something? The first person to put santa hats on my icon gets 100 dollar bills in their stocking. It's all good.
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After reading all the comments on the Katie Holmes posts, I thought it would be interesting to see what the popular consensus is on the whole pregnancy thing.

Do you think Katie Holmes is truly, biologically pregnant?

Probably not

Do you think it is Tom's kid?

I think it's a pillow, maybe it's Tom's pillow.
It's the anti-chirst, as predicted by L. Ron.

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Procrastination on a final project has led me to random thinking.

Just curious...what celebrity (or celebrities) have you previously hated on...severely disliked...had no love for whatsoever, but now, you actually kinda like - even, dare I say - love them?

For me, it has to be Christina Aguilera. The leaf just kinda turned over. Don't know when, don't know how. I think part of it may be in thanks to Ashlee Simpson. That girl makes anyone look fantastic. ;) but nah I always liked some of Christina's music and now I just her. Wow.

On the flip side, are there any celebrities you had complete adoration for but lately, you have a hard time liking them?

I have a feeling many will respond with Britney...but my answer to that I guess is Hilary Duff. I always thought she was so adorable but now she seems too...cracked out? Horsey? Annoying??? I dunno :( I want to like her so badly but something is preventing me.

And finally, are there any celebrities you have always loved, still love, and feel you will love until the cows come home? Until the pigs fly? Until there is no more world?

:p I have to say Britney. BRiTtTerZ 4 LyFe! I may lose interest in her music, maybe in hearing every detail of her life, but I still love that girl. She's just too bad ass. Also my Kanye...he can straight up tell me he thinks I'M an idiot but his music, stage presence, and creativity (IN MY OPINION of course) are just too good...too damn good.

Tuesday is on Fi-ya!

12/13/05 PST & EST


NCIS @ 8pm R
The Amazing Race @ 9pm (finale)

According to Jim @ 8pm
Hope & Faith @ 8:30pm
Comander in Chief @ 9pm R
Boston Legal @ 10:00pm

Fear Factor @ 8pm
My Name is Earl @ 9:30pm R
Law & Order: SVU @ 10pm R

Gilmore Girls @ 8pm R
Supernatural @ 9pm R

ANTM @ 8pm R
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show @ 9pm R

Bones @ 8pm
House @ 9pm

Late Night (all channels):
Click Interbridge

Nip/Tuck @ 10pm

Gastineau Girls @ 10pm

That's all I've got.

Part of a movie

Following up on isntdaveone's "part of a TV show" post:

Have you ever dreamt that you were part of a MOVIE? If so, what happened?

As for me, last night I dreamt that I was Hermione and Prisoner of Azkaban!Harry (Danrad's peak if you ask me) was begging for me to take him back because he cheated on me or something. He totally started crying and I got so sad for him that I too him back. This is really odd, because I don't even LIKE Danrad as much as Rob or Rupert. I think I dreamt it because I had been reading the part where Harry cries in GOF before I went to bed.