December 14th, 2005

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What's your favorite fashion crimes? The ones you wear even though they are 'over' or were never even in style to begin with

And, also, what is your least favorite? The ones that should never be worn

My favorites are the tiara, I know it's so trashy but I just can't stop it, and leg warmers, which I wear to dance in the morning and don't always take off afterwards. My least favorite is a tie between the skinny scarf and the two-toned hair, like nicole richie a la the first season of the simple life. Just not working for me.
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Following on the same kinda discussion theme we've been having lately.....

If you could look like any celebrity from any point in their career, who would it be, and when?

Mine would be Shakira in her Obsession video, without the black roots. Something about her in that outfit makes me want to go rip up some leather and pantyhose, and get some long blonde extensions.

Or really, any point around Laundry Service.

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When Good Actors Go Wrong//When Bad Actors Do Well

What is the WORST movie that one of your favorite actors have ever done?

Mine: Al Pacino - Gigli. I was watching the movie for laughs and then when he appeared, however brief, the whole movie just was devastating. I know you aren't broke Al, what happened?

Nicole Kidman - Bewitched

What is a movie that you surprised by the performance of the actor? As in, you always thought they were dreadful and then *POOF*?

Mine: Cameron Diaz - Being John Malkovich
Jim Carrey - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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If you could take one tv and film character and make him/her a real person, who would it be?

Reality show, talk show and documentary people don't count, obviously.

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Wednesday = sad without LOST

Shows for 12/14/05 PST & EST

Still Standing @ 8pm
Yes, Dear @ 8:30pm
Criminal Minds @ 9pm
CSI: NY @ 10pm

George Lopez @ 8pm
Freddie @ 8:30pm
LOST @ 9pm R
Alias @ 10pm

E-Ring @ 8pm R
Apprentice w/ Marthy Stewart @ 9pm
Law & Order @ 10pm R

Dr Suess: How the Grinch Stole Christmas @ 8pm (CARTOON movie)
Twins @ 8:30pm R
Related @ 9pm R

America's Next Top Model: Reunion @ 8pm
Veronica Mars @ 9pm R

That 70's Show @ 8pm
Stacked @ 8:30pm
Trading Spouses @ 9pm

Late Night (all channels):

Project Runway @ 9pm R
Project Runway @ 10pm

Over There @ 10pm

Comedy Central
South Park @ 10pm
Drawn Together @ 10:30pm

You can do it, put your back into it!
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Have any movies made you cry real tears?

I cried during Titanic, Harold and Maude, The Green Mile, Stand by Me, City of Angels, The Man in the Moon, and many many others.

Recently, I cried while watching Rent, during the 'Will I' montage. I won't reveal more if you haven't seen it.
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mod post

Alright kids - I just added 73 "question" posts to the memories feature. So the next time you're thinking of asking "who's your favorite celebrity" or "what TV show do you hate" - CHECK THE MEMORIES! (please). I know a lot members have been complaining about reposts, so this should cut that down. However, do understand that it is quite hard to remember all 73 question-related posts, so if one happens to slip through that's been asked before, don't get your undies in a twist - the post will probably be deleted soon. Capisce? :)

♥ your mods

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What is, in your opinion, the saddest moment you have ever seen on TV? The ones that made you absolutely bawl?

I sobbed like a baby when Sawyer shot the guy who selled shrimp in 'Lost' because he was just so innocent, and he just sold his shrimp, and all I could think of was that he didn't do anything to deserve being killed. And he died in the rain, while taking out the trash. It was so sad. It's the only time I've ever cried during a TV show.

Do I really look like...

I am a post submitting WHORE. I'll be the first to admit it.

We all tried that celebrity-face-matcher thing that was posted about a week ago. But we all my have in our heads that we look like a certain celebrity. This community may be better at identifying than most.

So post a picture of yourself in a comment, and people should reply to your picture to say who you look like.

JUST POST ONE PICTURE, AND NO WHORE-ESQUE MYSPACE SKANKY PICTURES. Just post ONE picture of you, looking like you do every day.

List of Five

You guys remember the Friends episode where they came up with their list of five?

According to Chandler, it is when "We each get to pick five different celebrities that we can sleep with, and the other one can't get mad."

So who is your list of five??

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