December 16th, 2005

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i just saw Aeon Flux which leads me to 2 questions:

1- In the movie I really think Charlize Theron reminded me of Katherine Heigl (Izzy from Grey Anatomy)? Her face and her voice just seemed so similar. Agree? Or am i dumb?

2- Anyone else f'in LOVE Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers, Trainspotting) ? i didnt even know he was in this movie til he appeared and i screamed.

questions about The OC..

i haven't watched The OC at all this season because I had a class on Thursday nights and just never taped it, thinking my pathetic love for the show would fizzle and I would stop watching it. Alas, I watched last night's episode because finals are over with and got sucked back in, but I'm sort of lost on some things...

1. Why is Johnny's knee all screwed up?
2. What happened to Caleb? did he die?
3. Why is Julie Copper living in a trailer park?
4. Where is Marrisa's dad?

thanks in advance.
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What is your favourite celebrity rivalry?

For me, I'd have to say the original Hilary Duff v Lindsay Lohan...Brandy/Monica. If only Hilary and Lindsay took a page from their book and wrote a song fighting over Aaron Carter. Now that would have been entertainment.

To all the SVU fans in here

I was watching a re-run of SVU last night on USA, and they advertised a marathon of episodes on Sunday. 11 episodes that viewers voted on.

So, who here is going to spend their Sunday watching Benson and Stabler take down a bunch of bad guys with me?

When one person has more money

1. If you were a celebrity with a large bank account and you married someone who was poor, would you be ok with financially supporting them?

2. If you were an ordinary person who married a wealthy celebrity would you be ok with them financially supporting you?

Shake it off on Friday

It's on for 12/16/05 PST & EST

Ghost Whisperer @ 8pm
Close to Home @ 9pm
Numb3rs @ 10pm

A Charlie Brown Christmas @ 8pm (movie)
Hope & Faith @ 9pm R
Hot Properties @ 9:30pm
20/20 @ 10pm

Dateline @ 8pm
Law & Order: Criminal Intent @ 10pm R

What I Like About You @ 8pm R
Scooby Doo Christmas @ 8:30pm (movie)
Reba @ 9pm R
Twins @ 9:30pm R

Bernie Mac Show @ 8pm R
Bernie Mac Show @ 8:30pm R
Family Guy @ 9pm R
Malcolm in the Middle @ 9:30pm R

The N:
Degrassi @ 8pm
South of Nowhere @ 8:30pm

Late Night:

Masters of Horror @ 10pm

Best Week Ever @ 11pm

The Soup @ 10pm

What Not to Wear @ 9pm

Have a good weekend, especially all of those done with school for the holidays. You made it :)

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Hey, heyyyyy.

What are your favorite music/mp3 blogs? I already read a ton (under the cut), but love hearing about new ones because I am a pirating fool. I know some people are annoying about sharing which blogs they read because they think they're the only ones in the world to like know, kind of like "old" Fall Out Boy fans and people who get pissed because their bands were on The O.C.

Don't be a geek. I share. You share. Go go go!

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