December 21st, 2005

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What are your opinions on plastic surgery and celebrities? I totally can't understand why celebrities make it so taboo that they can't even be up front with their collagen injection.
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Wednesday and you make a lovely pair

Shows for 12/21/05 PST & EST

7th Annual A Home for the Holidays @ 8pm
Criminal Minds @ 9pm R
CSI: NY @ 10pm R

George Lopez @ 8pm R
Freddie @ 8:30pm R
LOST @ 9pm R
LOST @ 10pm R

Deal or No Deal @ 8pm
Apprentice w/ Marthy Stewart @ 9pm (finale)
Law & Order @ 10pm R

One Tree Hill @ 8pm R
Related @ 9pm R

Everybody Hates Chris @ 8pm R
Girlfriends @ 8:30pm R
Veronica Mars @ 9pm R

That 70's Show @ 8pm R
Stacked @ 8:30pm
Trading Spouses @ 9pm

Late Night (all channels):

Project Runway @ 8pm R
Project Runway @ 9pm R
Project Runway @ 10pm

Over There @ 10pm

Comedy Central
South Park @ 10pm
Drawn Together @ 10:30pm

It's a packing day for me!! Who wants to come sit on my luggage so it will close...?

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Does anyone have any GOOD suggestions for the Mother/Son dance at a wedding?? My mom is trippin' (yeah I said it) over the typical song they play for the Groom And His Ma tune and she has commissioned me (would that entail me being paid?) to pick a better, more modern one. Oh. My brother is the groom. I'm just the lowly daughter. In case no one was confused.

I know this post is self-serving and all, so uh, feel free to discuss what your dream wedding song would be if you could ever trick a boy into proposing to you. But really, help me with my non-weddingy wedding song first and foremost.
Fact Or Fiction

New TBS Show

 I am sorry David and Courteney, This show is awful

How can you think this crap is funny, I would rather watch my Grandma rap with

2 Live Crew. She is not funny and the show is not funny.

The almost-funny nature of Daisy isn't solely the comedienne's fault. For these types of mini-mockumentaries to work, the rubes have to be either completely in the dark or else fully aware of the joke and eager to play along. Out of school, Daisy interviews in the bounty-hunting industry. She tells one potential employer that she would subdue a suspect with a glockenspiel. He looks impatient. When she lands a gig she peppers her co-hunter, a raspy blonde bail bondswoman, with droll questions. The woman looks out the window and answers, "yeah, I guess."

Daisy tries for some fish-out-of-water laughs, bugging her eyes out in comic incomprehension as another bounty hunter speaks in a thick southern accent (but not so thick it would baffle the average American viewer.) The overall effect is something like a goldfish intentionally vaulting out of its bowl and flopping around on the ground histrionically.

That Donovan fails at fitting in with the Americans she pokes fun at is the whole point of the series. But the failures themselves are predictable and spiritless. There's no way to suspend disbelief and pretend Daisy doesn't understand her material. Anyone who comes to America in order to have a star of Friends produce their reality-TV show already has a good grasp on what the country is about.

It's said that good shows need time to find their audiences. Daisy Does America needs a passport. If recent global opinion polls are any indicator, 20-odd prime-time minutes of unscripted comedy that prod at Americans' accents could do big numbers for the BBC or whatever channel it is that Canadians watch.

Not here though. Hopefully, when he's getting the medical attention he needs, David Arquette will be able to rehabilitate his sense of humor, and with therapy, come to realize that Americans don't warm to television just because it features the word "America" repeated over and over and over. Even insubstantial shows have to have some substance.

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