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the apprentice: martha stewart finale [22 Dec 2005|12:24am]
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Eh. They both suck, so whatever. I want to see Martha and Alexis!
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Don't s(p)oil yourself. [22 Dec 2005|10:32am]
I wanted to just remind everyone to make sure that spoilers, finale info, big reveals etc. should all be behind an lj-cut. I had to reject a couple of posts recently because I don't want something big to be ruined for those who haven't seen that particular show yet.

If it has been a few days after the show, then a cut isn't needed, but if it is only the day after the finale (or whatever) then it needs to have a cut in case someone taped the show and has yet to watch it. Cool?

tyrantmouth05 if you want to re-submit your post with a spoiler cut, I will accept it. I accidentally hit accept instead of reject, so I had to come and actually delete it, which is why it disappeared. :)

Thank you everyone, rock on. ♥
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Thursday = repeat city [22 Dec 2005|10:47am]
It's on for 12/22/05 PST & EST

Without a Trace @ 8pm R
CSI @ 9pm R
Without a Trace @ 10pm R

Extreme Makeover Home Edition @ 8pm R
Primetime @ 10pm

Deal or No Deal @ 8pm
Joey @ 9pm R
Will & Grace @ 9:30pm R
ER @ 10pm R

Smallville @ 8pm R
Everwood @ 9pm R

Everybody Hates Chris @ 8pm R
Love, Inc. @ 8:30pm R
Eve @ 9pm R
Cuts @ 9:30pm R

The OC @ 8pm R
The OC @ 9pm R

Late Night:

True Life @ 10pm

Today is my plane trip to the parents house where I will be hanging for the holidays. SOOO I will be doing my best to keep up with the TV listing postings, but I may miss a day here or there just because it is the grand old holiday season. See you all on the flip side!
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Say wha? [22 Dec 2005|02:02pm]
Are there any popular songs that, maybe for a period of time you thought the lyrics where one thing-when they were really another. For example;

In trying to find the lyrics to Shakira "Don't Bother", I found this webpage and if you notice the lyrics in the 3rd stanza seem to be a little...off?
She practices Gay fucking
She'd never lose the nerve
She's more than you deserve
She's just far better than me
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[22 Dec 2005|04:18pm]
Which TV shows do you wish would have come out on dvd?

I really would have liked to relive Ricki Lake from the beginning
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[22 Dec 2005|06:53pm]
So Mariah has officially tied with Elvis with number #1s. Do we think she will beat out the Beatles with their record of 20 number #1s?
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RENT: help? [22 Dec 2005|08:40pm]
-What celebrity news are you really tired of hearing about? (The breakups, the weightloss, etc)?

-Which former-SNL person do you miss being on the show the most?

-Which two artists would you think could create the greastest collaboration?

And, a while back someone posted a link to all these RENT mp3s, and i've been searching everywhere - but I can't find it, does anyone know the journal/person who posted it?
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