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Friday night, wanna go sledding? [23 Dec 2005|02:28pm]
It's on for 12/23/05 PST & EST

Ghost Whisperer @ 8pm R
Close to Home @ 9pm R
Numb3rs @ 10pm R

Super Nanny @ 8pm R
Hope & Faith @ 9pm R
Hot Properties @ 9:30pm
20/20 @ 10pm

Deal or No Deal @ 8pm
Dateline @ 8pm
Law & Order: Criminal Intent @ 10pm R

Like Mike @ 8pm (movie)

Ice Age @ 8pm (movie)

The N:
Degrassi @ 9:30pm R (normally plays at 8pm)

Late Night:

Masters of Horror @ 10pm

Best Week Ever @ 11pm

What Not to Wear @ 9pm

I'm hangin' with the parental units, and you?
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Authors are celebrities too!!!! [23 Dec 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I'd like to pose a question. How many of you have heard and/or read the German author, Cornelia Funke. She writes what is called "children's fiction", but the feel you get from her books transcends ages, just like Harry Potter. In fact, she has been called "the new J.K. Rowling.... If you know her works, opinions are welcome, if not, do you think anyone else can contend for the title of "new J.K Rowling."?

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